Tis the season, so they say and with that the Christmas music starts pumping through the speakers. From radio stations to iPods to stores and concerts, we're surrounded by the sounds of the holidays.

We all have a favorite holiday classic, whether old or new. I even have a favorite Christmas album. My "go-to" to get me in the holiday spirit.

But, did you know that one classic Christmas song that we hear all of the time, done by artist after artist, "I'll Be Home For Christmas" has some ties relatively close to home?

A St. Lawrence University graduate of 1924, J. Kimball Gannon wrote the song originally recorded by Bing Crosby and since then recorded by 250 others.

It turns out that when Gannon died in 1974, in his will he stated that 30% of his royalty checks from his hit Christmas song would go to his alma mater after his wife passed away (she died in 2000.)

Since his wife's passing, the university has made over $460,000! What a Christmas gift!

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