Here's another example of the medical community not being able to make up their mind.  Mixed signals constantly.  Here we go again with nuts.It gives you allergies.  Too much fat.  It constipates.  Now they're saying exactly the opposite.  According to the New York Times, they are now calling them a "nutritional powerhouse".  Huh?

Now I for one grab a handful of walnuts every single morning and throw it on my cereal, cuz I did hear that THEY are good for you. But I thought that peanuts weren't in big doses. Now they're saying that nuts in general help prevent cancer and heart disease.

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The study also says that if you eat nuts while you are pregnant, your child might have a less chance of getting a peanut allergy.

Now on the other hand, I always thought fish oil was great for you.  A new study from however says that men shouldn't eat much of it because it could increase your prostate cancer risk.

I can't read any more.  Everything they seem to write is fishy.  It'll drive you nuts.









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