Just when you thought teens were the worst drivers, think again. Are millennials the worst drivers ever? I can speak for myself and I say yes.

A recent study from AAA shows that millennials are the most distracted drivers ever.  I think we all know and expect that teens are bad drivers but think again.

88% of drivers 19-24 admit to have engaged in speeding, running red lights, reading texts.

The scary part is that when asked about these driving behaviors, most millennials did not see an issue with it.

The question here is, how serious is distracted driving? Is it as serious is compared to drunk driving?

According to the site BiSoicety.com, although overall drunk driving accidents have decreases, they claim driving while distracted is the equivalent to driving after four beers.

How do you feel about these statistics? Do you agree that millennials are the worst drivers or do you think it's an easy out? I don't think that millennials are the only distracted drivers on the road.

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