A Vermont highway worker was just doing his job when he told local police that he was pelted by something as cars whizzed by.  According to police, the man was pegged by a prodigious pickle.  Jarred by the incident, the Vermont highway worker has taken it up with local police, and charged were pressed.

According to CBS 6 news, police say the salty incident occurred on Monday morning on Route 7 in the Town of Pownal, Vermont.   Reports have determined that it was the passenger of the moving vehicle ultimately responsible for hurling the gherkin.

A 34-year-old Williamstown, MA man has been charged according to CBS 6 News.    Christoph Herrmannsdoerfer is responsible for throwing was said to have been a rather big pickle, and now he's in quite the pickle of his own.

The pickle pelting perp has been charged with simple assault. According to police, the man popped by it is said to have experienced some pain. There is no word on how much damaged he sustained, or where on his body he was struck.  The Vermont highway worker has also not been identified.

Herrmannsdoerfer, clearly not relishing the charges against him, will be appearing in Bennington Court next week according to CBS 6 News.

Pownal, Vermont is approximately 50 miles northwest of Albany.

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