I can't say enough about the Northeast String Orchestra   I could do a blog per day for the next week about them.   I'm about to take you there with audio and photos, because this is REAL talent, folks, and I want to tell the world about them.

This was a two day project with some amazing kids of all ages.  Director John Burmeister and faculty member Will Hayes do a fantastic job there and made this such a smooth process.  We tried to actually create a jingle to explain the program to you folks.  Here was the process..

First they wrote some clever lyrics to a very familiar piece of classical music ("A Little Night Music", by Mozart) . Then we did this..

Step 1. Record the kids playing the music part.

nso 1
photo by Richie Phillips

Step 2. Have the kids listen back  to what they played and "overdub" their voices in time to the music -similar to what is done in professional recording studios (multitrack recording)

photo by Richie Phillips

Step 3. Mr Burmeister did a voiceover in the middle portion before the kids came back with a singing website address.

Would you like to hear the final product?  Of COURSE!

nso group shot
from NSO

with instructors  Matt Johnson, Will Hayes, and Joe Gumpper.

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