Juliette Gordon Low founded The Girl Scouts in Savannah Georgia in 1912. Here it is, almost 100 years later, and the girls of that very organization are no longer allowed to sell their famous Girl Scout Cookies on the sidewalk in front of the house.

Founder of The Girl Scout J G Low

Apparently, last year, someone complained about it, and that put an end to the practice. This is a place that brings a lot of tourists because of this National Historic Landmark and they sell a lot of cookies. This story even made national news with The Associated Press.

There’s a city ordinance that prohibits peddling on a public sidewalk. A Savannah zoning administrator has been looking into alternatives, including a temporary exception, so the Girl Scouts can sell their cookies near the Low House, but hasn’t had any success. The Scouts only sell the Girl Scout Cookies in the first few months of the year, not even the whole year, but because of one complaint that has come to an end.

On a positive note, the girls are learning various things when they sell the cookies, including business skills, and this teaches about how to deal with change in business.

Doesn’t something like this make you want to find the person that complained just shove a whole box of cookies down their throat? They’re Girl Scout Cookies, sold by the Girl Scouts. Perhaps you’ve heard of all the good this non-prophet organization does for people.

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