Gibson guitars have been around for generations and now there is a threat they may be going away after the company has filed for bankruptcy.  Country stars love the Gibson guitar, and many of them have had collaborated with the company to make custom ones. Brad Paisley's favorite brand of guitars are the Gibson. He recently had an acoustic guitar designed by Gibson, called the J-45. It was done to Brad's specifications. But he's not the only one. Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Darius Rucker and Sugarland all exclusively use the Gibson guitar.

When the news that the company was filing bankruptcy, guitar lovers started to get a bit nervous. Turns out, the Gibson company had a division called Gibson Innovations that tried to market and sell speakers, headphones and audio equipment. According to USA Today, the company should be able to salvage and continue their guitar making business as long as they dissolve the Innovations section of the company.

As of now, Gibson filing for bankruptcy protection is so they can appropriate the funds to continue their guitar manufacturing. Looks like the Gibson guitars will still be prominent in all aspects of the music industry.

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