We will all set our clocks back early Sunday morning this weekend, but this may be the last year New Yorkers may have to fall back. I never understood why we always have to set our clocks ahead in the spring and back in the fall. I get that we gain and lose an hour each time, but doesn't that just cancel it out? Well we may not have to do either anymore.

According to WKBW, New York lawmakers are trying to follow Arizona and Hawaii in eliminating daylight saving time. They are trying to push a bill through that will do just that. Apparently during World War I, daylight saving time was created to save energy, but lawmakers and others argue it is unnecessary now. It actually causes sleep deprivation.

A study showed that Americans lose about forty minutes of sleep on the night after the time change. It also adds to an increase in car accidents, suicide and heart attacks.

No matter what the study shows, we still will continue to spring forward and fall back until the bill is passed. So here's your reminder: This Sunday at 2am, set your clocks back.

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