I guess those might be fighting words.  Maybe residents of other towns may fight this bold statement, but I'll put Niskayuna up against anyplace for nice looking entrances.   Proof below

I'm usually oblivious to things like this, but I decided to try to look at things in a different way as I drove around town today.  I kept seeing really nice landscaping and flower arrangements all over the place, so out came the camera.   Here were my top pics.


Clare Bridge Nursing Home

Clare Bridge Senior Living Center always does a really nice job.  Hey, the seniors need nice surroundings.

Martin Harding and Mazzotti

Martin, Harding and Mazzotti on Route 7 has a nice entrance. Looks like the

heavy hitters did it again


Bellevue Woman's Center

Well, it's a woman's center.  What do you expect other than a gorgeous sign and entrance?

Burger's Farm

This place went all out.  (Oh, wait a minute - this is a farm stand. They sell them.  Duhhhh)

Sunoco station in Niskayuna

And the award for biggest head turner?  The Sunoco that I go to all the time.  Only in Niskayuna would they have a manicured gas station!

Anyone up for the challenge?  Do you think your town is prettier?  Send me some photos.  Let the Horticultural Olympics begin.



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