The weather in the Capital Region is finally getting nice.  I should say "FINALLY".  What better way to celebrate than getting out to a local park.  But then again, I'd love to know which one you would recommend for your kids.

There are a few "spoiler parks" in the area that you wouldn't normally think about, but happen to be nice with a lot to do.

One is Central Park in Schenectady.  It's got a nice pond, lots of swings and see saws to play on, tennis courts, and a good size pavilion for events.

Google Earth

Another decent entry into the park pool would be the state park in Saratoga.  Yes, it's geared more toward adults, but there is still a HUGE area near the Gideon Putnam hotel to throw a frisbee or a football around. And what a beautiful place for a picnic.

Google Earth

Ok, that's what comes to mind on my end.  Now it's your turn.  Would love to know your favorite park and what it has to offer.  Please feel free to respond in the comment section.  We will read your results on the air.

In the meantime, get out from behind your computers and enjoy the great weather happening just around the corner in the Capital Region.  Everybody say "yahoo!!!" .