When you tune in to Fox to watch football on Sunday you don't usually expect one of the hosts to really put their views out there about something like domestic abuse but Terry Bradshaw did just that and he did it with passion and honesty.

I really don't know if this was planned or not but I have to say I for one welcome Terry's candor on the issue. Whether you agree with his viewpoint or not , it is nice to see a man stand up for what he believes in , even if it means putting his fellow co-hosts in what seemed to be a very uncomfortable situation as they did not seem to want to follow Terry down the path of outspokenness.

After you take a look at the awkward but powerful minute from Sunday let me know what you think. Was Terry right in getting on this soapbox on a Sunday football show? Do you agree with his take on the situation, should Hardy be banned from the league? Do you believe that people deserve second chances?

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