In 2019 the 518 will run out of phone numbers, so plans are going into place  to accommodate a new area code.

That's right, the 518 will no longer be our only area code. Starting soon, new phone numbers will have the new 838 area code in the greater Albany area, and the new dialing system goes into effect next week.

According to News 10, starting August 19th you will now have to dial the area code with the number you are calling. Pre-cell phone/smartphone I feel like this would have a been a big deal, but in an age where many of us have numbers from other areas, from a stand point of making calls, everyone will figure it out quickly. Plus, the new area code will not change any current numbers. You'll just need to add '518.'

The bigger deal is, losing the '518' as our sole locator when referring to the area. Who doesn't love saying 'Yeah, I'm from the 518. It's got a ring to it, ya know? Or, maybe we will feel cooler being from the 838.

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