There is currently a bill working it's way through the state senate to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21.

According to the Press & Sun Bulletin,  Democratic lawmakers are trying to push this one through. There are already several communities in New York, including Albany. California and Hawaii have a statewide age of 21.

I am still mixed on this one. On one hand, we all know the dangers of smoking and I cam see the value of trying to keep people healthy. But, I also believe by 18, one knows the dangers of smoking. If they want to smoke, they will find a way, regardless of the law. I guess for store it won't cost much more to monitor since stores already check if you are 18, but should the government be making choices for adults?  And do we really want the police spending more time policing something like this? And at this point, if the government really wanted to protect people, why not just outlaw tobacco?

What do you think?


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