It takes a lot to gross me out, seriously. I'm pretty easy-going in that department, but if I was in this woman's situation, I'd be freaked out a little too!

I found a post by a New York woman named Deb Muro going around Facebook. Apparently, she recently bought a mattress and didn't realize the truth about it until after she had gone home. Muro was changing her sheets a week later when she found a hidden tag.

The tag said, "This Article of Bedding is Treated and Sanitized in Accordance with New York State Law." Muro said she was never told that her mattress was sanitized, let alone used. She tried calling the headquarters to get a refund and though at first and eventually got the situation resolved.

Someone in the comments made a point though, I understand her issue was with not being notified, but they did tag the bed properly. Also, when you go to a hotel, you're sleeping on a mattress that has probably been though less of a sanitation process than the one she purchased. If you saw that a mattress had been used and sanitized, would you buy it? Would you trust it?

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