I'll say that they do seem rather hard to find, the electric car outlets or "charging stations."  I see them randomly at Colonie Center or at the Kohl's parking lot. They've actually frustrated me at the mall as you circle and circle the ridiculously mapped out lot for a regular spot.

Is that an empty spot?!

Ugh. No, that has part of the tree bed sticking in it.

Oh! There's a person backing ou-- ugh, someone's taken it already.

Then there they are, the charging stations, one by one...empty.

Well, get ready for even more of those empty spots (okay, every once and a while there's a car parked there but I'm not sold that it needs a charge.) Governor Andrew Cuomo made the announcement on Monday that will install 450 new charging stations throughout New York state, including the Albany area. His hope is that it will encourage people to utilize electric vehicles and maybe even get businesses to jump in on it, as well.

Will it work? Time will tell!

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