As bullying continues to be an issue in so many communities, a New York town has put a law in place to hopefully help deter bullying.

A western New York town has enacted a law that could put parents in jail if their child bullies others. According to WIVB, North Tonawanda in Western New York now has a law on the books where parents would have to pay a $250 fine, do up to 15 days in jail or both if their '...child is caught bullying, or attacking another student.'

The law was created after a boy was attacked back in June. WIVB spoke with the boys mom, Victoria Crago, who said the law was 'welcomed.' Crago and other parents recently formed the  ‘North Tonawanda Coalition for Safe Schools and Streets' Facebook in response to bullying issues at the local middle school.

Hopefully this will get parents talking more with their kids about bullying in North Tonawanda as officials told WIVB is meant to be a preventative measure. Maybe we will see similar laws popping up in other towns in the future as municipalities try to find ways to eliminate bullying.

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