There are the common laws: don't run a red light, wear your seat belt, don't commit murder, pay your taxes, etc. We know these are things we should not be doing but there are some laws on the New York books that make you scratch your head.

First, I found that Thrillist broke down the weirdest law in each state so, of course, I jumped to New York. Apparently, in New York State it's illegal to take tiger selfies or selfies with any big cat for that matter. This law was passed in 2014 for the safety of you and the animals. Be careful the next time you're at a zoo!

So, then, I got curious about other strange laws I have a potential of breaking. I found a bunch of lists, including one from the New York Post. The weirdest thing is, I've done some of these! Do I have to turn myself in? I saw 10 that Matty had put up a few months ago, guess what? There's more!

  • "It is illegal to sell cat or dog hair" - I didn't realize there was a market for that but while your house is covered and you've debated it, don't get yourself in trouble
  • "It’s against the law to run a puppet show in a window" - this one is crazy because it could lead to a $25 fine and 30 days in jail
  • Only in Your State reports that wearing slippers after 10PM in a public space is also illegal
  • Ever put your thumb to your nose and wiggled your other fingers? Illegal!
  • says that specifically in Greene, NY during a concert, it is illegal to eat peanuts and walk backwards on the sidewalks.

Did you know these? Do you know any others?

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