If you are in the need of a vehicle and are looking to get a good deal, you may be in luck.  Starting today you can buy used New York State owned Cars for discount prices on eBay through NYSStore.com. It's a website  managed by the New York State Office of General Services State Surplus Property program.

There are 468 vehicles to choose from. Everything from cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. If your loyal to a certain brand they have them all for you from Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Jeep, Honda, Dodge and Oldsmobile. Bidding starts with a minimum $500 bid.  Cars aren't the only mode of transportation up for auction from the state. You can buy yourself a boat, as there are two of those up for grabs as well.

There are other items that you can bid on, including restaurant equipment like refrigerators, pizza Ovens, panini grills, dishwashers and prep tables if you're looking to start a business on the cheap. Construction equipment, computers and furniture are also up for grabs.

So if you're looking for a good deal be sure to check out the Ebay pageand bid early and bid often.

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