It is a favorite summer activity for many to make money and for others to find great bargains on used items. So when can we resume garage sales this summer?

According to WNYT Channel 13, there is no real answer to that at this point as garage sales have not been addressed yet in New York state phased reopening plan. But of course, we can speculate! Let's be honest, making some extra green or spending time garage sale shopping for those bargain gems are both popular summer past times.

If you look at the different phases of reopening from the state, you would have to guess we could get the go ahead for garage sales in phase 2. It is in essence a form of retail, and if you think about the average garage sale, most likely a scenario where you will not have a huge crowd of people in your driveway and one where you could effectively social distance.

You could also make the argument that phase 3 could make sense alongside reopening, as the gathering scale at a restaurant could be considered similar to a well attended garage or yard sale.

These are some of the more interesting questions that will arise in the coming weeks as we hopefully reach the next phases of reopening. Personal gatherings like garage sales, block parties and other events that are not necessarily businesses but gatherings run by residents, what will the guidance be?

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