At first glance this may seem ridiculous, but when you dig into the details it makes more sense.

Yes you read that right. Texting while walking could become illegal in certain instances. According to an ABC 7 report, the New York Senate has a new bill that is proposing to make it illegal to text while walking across a crosswalk.

While at first glance this seems like overreach (I mean, survival of the fittest, right?) it does make sense from this vantage point: if you are the unlucky driver that hits a texting walker because they unknowingly walk into traffic, you have to imagine their activity being illegal offers you some more protection as the driver. On one level this is meant to protect the foolish, but also drivers who could be negatively impacted by lawsuits.

I am very happy to say though texting while walking will still be legal everywhere else, so feel free to laugh at these people when they unknowingly walk into fountains, walls and anything else they are oblivious too!

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