Yep - you read it correctly.   I'm actually reading from her campaign script. Joni Ernst is running for US Senate, and she swears that she knows how to cut spending and …ahem…other things.  Watch her outrageous campaign ad

She's from Iowa and owns a pig farm.  She's Republican Joni Ernst, and for some of you, her ad will make you squeal with laughter and delight.  Others may groan.  Take a look and tell me in the comment section if you like her approach or not

I think it shows her humor, and it  probably speaks  the language of the folks who live out there – mostly farmers, I would assume, so it must be effective.  Hell, the video got over a half million views!

I wish mine got as many.  Oh- that reminds me.  Please cast your vote for morning show President if you would!!  I would appreciate it.   If I win, I too will squeal with delight!

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