The first steps toward the opening of New York's own Legoland are underway.

According to, site clearing has begin in Goshen for a new Legoland theme park. Crews have begun prepping the land for the theme park, which park owners are hoping to open in 2020. Merlin Entertainment, which owns the them park, made the 2020 opening goal official back in October. Merlin currently operates 8 other Legoland theme parks worldwide, including Florida and California. New York will be their 9th theme park.

The NYUP article says Merlin purchase 500 acres for the project (WOW!) and they are currently working on about a fifth of the parcel.

While preparations for constcution move forward,m opponents of the park are taking their case to the Supreme Court to to stop the project from happening. NYUP says opponents are contending the park breaks the law and current zoning regulations in Goshen.

Aside from issue with opponents (I can imagine the influx of tourists is a big concern for local residents) if you have kids, this is going to be a must see destination when it opens in a couple years.The Legoland website describes the forthcoming New York park as '...a hands-on experience where families with children between 2-12 years old can push, pull, steer, squirt, splash, crawl, climb, and yes – build their way through a full day of non-stop fun!


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