Governor Cuomo presented his plan to legalize marijuana during his budget address yesterday

We have been hearing rumblings about legalizing marijuana in the Empire State, and now we have details with in the Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act. According to a Times Union report, Governor Cuomo proposed to legislators Tuesday a plan that would eventually generate $300 million in tax revenue.

The Office of Cannabis Management would be created to regulate the sale and testing of of marijuana, only those 21 or older would be able to purchase the drug and it will still be legal for recreational users to grow their own plants at home (Cuomo's plan would allow those using medicinal marijuana to grow their own plants). The Times Union says the next step for the plan is to go up for debate in the state Senate and Assembly.

Personally, I am kind of mixed on marijuana being legalized. While I am sure like anything, if used in moderation, the side effects are minimal. But we also know there is potential for over use and abuse. But, you could compare it to alcohol: if used responsibly adults can enjoy it without negatively affecting one's health. And let's be honest - when people drink too much behavior can get way worse than those who may over indulge in marijuana. Ultimately, legalization and state regulation of a drug that is so widely used may actually make using it a little safer. Plus, easier and more affordable access for those who use marijuana for medical benefits is a good thing.


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