Now the team is sort of from our backyard which makes this even so much cooler!

South Williamsport, PA the site of the little league world series earlier today house the match-up of Eldwell, New York against an international team in South Korea. New York going in hadn't won a series since 1964. Beyond that the US hasn't won one in 5 years. I caught a bit of this earlier and it was nothing but impressive!

Conner Rush was the only player for our team to score an RBI which was all NY needed to go the distance and take a win home for the good old U S of A. Conner had this to say about today's game..

“I was just thinking get it in play any way you can,” Rush said. “Once that happens, you never know what can happen.” - News Channel 10 

Yoomin Lee of the Southern Korean team cut the 2-0 lead in half with a home run but it just wasn't enough to clinch a win. Instead the boys from just a few miles out of Binghamton took home the win for the red white and blue!! Cheers, lets chug some milk tomorrow morning for them!!! Congrats boys!!!

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