Can we get a break somewhere? You are all well aware of New York's reputation for high taxes, now we can add cell service to the list.

According to the Times Union, a new study this week revealed New York has the 3rd highest cell service tax rate among all the United States. On average we pay around 18% in state and local taxes on cell service, trailing only Washington and Nebraska.

Now, according to the article these taxes cover subsidies for '...phones for schools, libraries, hospitals, low-income users, and rural telephone services in high-cost areas.'

Ya know, it just goes back to the old adage. You can count on 2 things in life. Death and taxes. And in New York you can really count on taxes. Now, I am not saying it's all bad. You get what you pay for, and in the case of education the system in New York it is top notch. I have no problem having some higher property taxes for the good of our kiddos.

But give us a break somewhere!  Let me have my cell service, gas and beer as dirt cheap as possible please.

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