In our great state of New York, tampons are still considered a luxury item. Uhhhhhhh.... really? Are you kidding me? There is absolutely nothing luxurious about a freaking tampon!

And in fact, the average chick spends about $70 a year on tampons and pads every year. While $3 or $4 might not seem like a lot, to women and girls who don't have a lot of money, it can really add up!

Well, thankfully a new bill could result in their reclassification as tax-exempt necessities instead. Hooray!

The Republican-run senate passed the bill unanimously yesterday.  It passed in the assembly in March with full support. And now it's about to land on the desk of Governor Cuomo, who I'm certain will have no trouble signing it. Unless, of course, he's more concerned with the $14 million or so that New York collects from the 4 percent tax that is currently tacked on tampons. But, he does have three daughters, so I'm hoping he'll chose wisely.

You might be wondering, why now, after all these years? Well, five women filed a class action lawsuit New York state in March over the tax. They pointed out that dandruff shampoo and lip balm are not taxed, so probably feminine hygiene products shouldn't be either.

To date, only five U.S. states have decided not to tax tampons. So, come on New York, let's help a sister out! Let's lead the way!

Photo: Bethany's Tampons that she paid 4% tax on.