Looking for something to do next Friday, November 11? You can fish for free all day long!

If you would like to do a little angling without paying for a license, Veteran's Day is the time to do it. According to nyup,com, the New York has announced Veteran's Day is a statewide "Free Fishing Day" when 'Anyone can fish the fresh or marine waters of the state and no fishing license or recreational marine fishing registry is required.'

So if you have been thinking about getting your own fishing gear and realy getting in to the sport, this is a chance to borrow a friend's gear and hear out with out laying any cash and give the whole fishing thing a test run.

Or, if you never buy a license to fish but love doing it, this is your chance to do it without getting in any trouble. Ha!

Either way, if you go out, I hope you catch a big one\!