We've all been on a job interview. The stressful questions, the feeling that every word we say determines our potential future with that company. Now, there's a bill that may take one of those stressful questions away.

Sponsored by Rockland County Independent Democratic Conference Sen. David Carlucci and Bronx Democratic Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, there is a bill being presented that would keep potential employers from asking your salary history. According to the Times Union, supporters are saying that it will level the playing field for applicants.

Another positive note, studies have also shown that salary histories that have been posted online allow the potential employer to narrow down the pool unfairly. Employers who continue to ask the question or keep the question on their applications would be fined. Those opposed feel this is unnecessary and would make employers have to change their applications.

The bill as written would ban these questions and is currently being examined and may come up for a vote in both houses this week. The potential for this to pass is high, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a similar law for city employers. We should find out later in the week the status on this.

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