The songs are written, the recording process is about to start up as Countryfest headliner, Lee Brice is currently going through all of the songs he's narrowed it down to to uh, narrow it down even more. But, does this mean we'll get to hear a bunch of new stuff this Saturday at Countryfest 2016?

Isaac Brekken, Getty Images

He told

“There’s just too many songs at the end of the day to all go on the record,” he says. “With me, that’s the hardest thing about writing a record: picking the songs that best represent what’s going on now.”

Only one song that's in the batch is an "outside" song written by someone other than himself. While he's grateful for those outside songs, some of which have been his biggest hits, his overall passion is writing which he's been doing since he was just 10 years old.

While a release date isn't clear yet, what is clear that out of the new music we'll be hearing the new track Brice does with friend, Jerrod Niemann "A Little More Love."