There have been a lot of different rumors going around about alcohol legal age in New York State. The only problem is some of the news you're hearing is wrong, let me set it straight for you.

I saw reported on New York Upstate that a bill was passed in New York State that said that laws that we've become accustomed to, in regards to drinking, will be changing. The legal drinking age will stay 21 but the legal serving age was up for debate. Apparently, the New York State Assembly were going to raise the legal age of serving alcohol from 18 to 21, but after some more investigating, New York Upstate found that it wasn't exactly the case.

The confusion began after the passing of the new law allowing for beer and cider ice creams to be sold and regulated in the state. The bill they're referring to puts limits on the number of samples that could be offered tax-free but at the end of the bill, it says "No person under the age of twenty-one shall be permitted to serve a sample or handle an open container of beer, cider, distilled liquor or wine." That only has to do with the tax-free flights previously mentioned and not restaurants and bars. See how that got confusing?

So, your servers and bartenders can still be 18-years-old and serve you and you still can't drink until you're 21-years-old. Everything make sense now?

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