What happens when you cut and style a clients hair and he or she bolts without paying?  After you've been restrained from chasing them down with a pair of sheers, you're probably left without much recourse. If you're a local salon or barbershop owner, or perhaps a stylist, you'll be happy to know that new laws in New York State have made it a punishable crime for clients who 'clip and jip'.

My dad has been cutting hair for over 50 years while Chrissy's mom was a hair stylist for almost 30, and I'm sure they both had their share of incredible clients and the not so great ones as well.

According to a story from CBS 6 Albany, New York state is making it illegal to bail on the bill at beauty shops, salons and barbershops. Typically, salon workers were forced to attempt to get the money back through small claims court, or sometimes not at all.

The report mentions how the new laws are designed to punish those who don't pay, similarly to restaurant patrons who 'dine and dash'. In restaurants, it's a misdemeanor to feed and flee and that's how it will be treated in salons and barbershops if a client bails. 

Lawmakers, according to the CBS 6 news report, voted to 'close the loophole earlier this year' and on Wednesday Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed off on the new law.

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