The countdown is on for the opening of Duck Donuts.

I know you had to read this article as soon as you saw the word donuts. It's the one word when you read or hear it spoken you immediately think "Donuts? Where?!?!'

Well, the "where" is the new Duck Donuts location at Latham Farms. We have been eagerly anticipating details on when they will open, and great news -we got the info! According to an announcement on the Duck Donuts Facebook page, the made to order donut shop will have their Grand Opening at 8am on Saturday, November 21st. And yes, you read that correctly: MADE TO ORDER DONUTS. Before you keep reading, stop drooling on your keyboard!

When we first heard about Duck Donuts back in September, we could not wait for the opening once we learned what they are all about. According to their website they have fresh, made to order donuts they cook when you order. The best part? You get to choose your own coating, topping and drizzle. They also have their own pre-made options and of course a menu of fall flavors.

Donuts are already amazing. We can eat them for breakfast, We can eat them for dessert. We can eat them whenever. They come in so many great forms. Now add in a made to order option? I am pretty sure that officially makes Duck Donuts "donut heaven" and quite possibly the greatest eatery mankind has ever created. Can you tell that I am excited to check this place out when it opens next weekend?

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