I think we all agree, you can never have too many doughnut shops.

It really is a universal truth. We all love doughnuts and the more the merrier. Plans to open new doughnut shows have no holes in them, pun intended.

According to a Times Union report, a doughnut shop chain called Duck Donuts is planning to open a location at Latham Farms. The North Carolina based doughnut chained posted the new location as "coming soon" on their website. This will be their first location upstate, as they operate a few others closer to the New York City area.

So what may make Duck Donuts different than the rest? How does made to order doughnuts sound? According to their website they have fresh, made to order doughnuts that are literally cooked up when you order and you can choose your own coating, topping and drizzle. They also have their own pre-made options, and as you would expect a menu of fall flavors. (Pumpkin anyone?)

It really is the one food we can all agree is one of the decadent best. And made to order donuts? It will be an absolute Capita Region winner. No timetable has been set for when this one will open, but let's hope they have plenty of coatings, toppings and drizzle when they do because I want to try 'em all!

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