Now I am not a Patriot fan but I am a fan of a great "Hype" video and this one is great.  OK, maybe all you had to do was use the audio from the Star Wars - The Force Awakens trailer to get me interested but in this case there is much more to it than that. This video is just very well done and the audio and video images match up perfectly.

Right off the bat they get you with "Who are you? of course this is meant to be to the heroine Rey from the movie but in this case they show Tom Brady. As you see the NFL Draft ticker go from 1st round to 2cd to 3rd right on down to the 6th round where Tom was picked you hear Rey answer back, "I'm No one". Ok you got me already.

The best part is that is only one of many ways the video makes sense and either makes you laugh or gets you pumped for the playoffs.

I don't know how you will feel about this if you are a Patriot hater but I KNOW their fans are going to LOVE it.


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