The next time you fly out of Albany you will have some new dining options.

In the coming weeks 2 new restaurants will be opening at Albany International Airport. A Burger King is set to open in the old McDonald's location  October 14th and Wolfgang Puck Express is targeting an opening the week of November 12th, according to a Times Union story.

These opening are among a series of improvements at our airport, including the new parking garage and of course the new exit getting ready to open off the Northway. All signs point to these improvements making flying in and out of Albany an overall better experiece.

The only bummer with the Wolfgang Puck Express, we are going to get into another Chick-Fil-A situation where you will only get to try it out at the airport. Their website says Wolfgang Express is only located in airports - so the only time you will get to try it is when you are getting ready to board a flight out of Albany, unless you are up for a road-trip.  Just like Chick-Fil-A, you could always make a little road trip to try Wolfgang's regular restaurant - they have a location in Boston.

We can still hold out hope we will eventually get a Chick-Fil-A, outside the airport, in the Capital Region.

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