There is a quaint space in downtown Saratoga Springs that will be dedicated to serving champagne and sparkling wines. It's called Bocage and is located at 10 Phila Street. It is only 500 square feet and is designed to feel like you are in someone's home.

 What will Bocage Serve?

Bocage will serve champagnes and sparkling wines. You will be able to order by the glass because of the Coravin wine preserver which allows sparkling bottles to be opened and preserved. So customers won't have to purchase an entire bottle. If you don't really like champagne or sparkling wines, Bocage will also have New York wines and limited liquor. There will be light food that pairs well with champagne, like oysters and caviar. They will also have charcuterie and tea sandwiches available at brunch.

 Bocage is a Small Space

The Bocage Bar is able to seat 20 people and then some additional standing room. The owners say that they wanted a small space to have the intimate feel of being in someone's home and hanging out at their kitchen island according to Albany Business Review.

Why a Champagne Bar in Downtown Saratoga?

Owners Clark Gale and Zachary Denham, who got married in Saratoga, say that it seems like everyone is always celebrating something in Saratoga.

The lease was signed in October but they are waiting on the approval of the liquor license to have an opening date for Bocage.

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