It is true, a new area code is going in place within the Capital Region very soon. Our beautiful 518 is now becoming the 518/838. The one thing I hadn't even thought of though is how this will affect any phone call we now make locally.

You'd think, okay, 518 numbers are just perfectly fine, dial as normal. But that won't be the case. What we've grown accustomed to will now require a little extra effort. Sure, it's not much extra effort, but given what we have grown to know as the "norm," this might be tricky to remember at first.

Yes, you'll have to dial 518 before your phone calls now. I know, it seems silly and I know I will definitely forget to do it for a while and I'll feel dumb every single time I screw it up. It'll feel like I'm outside the state but in my own living room in Waterford.

Text Area Code Change credit Facebook Darrell Camp
Text Area Code Change credit Facebook Darrell Camp

Some cell phone providers are sending out text messages to remind customers that this will be taking effect on August 19th, 2017. So, one simple suggestion I can give is to hop into your contacts you currently have in your phone and add the 518 before numbers now before you forget. Make the change easy on yourself!


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