There was a study in the UK that said 1 in 8 people have never seen a cow! Incredible, right? I admitted on the show that there was one place I'd never been before that would surprise people so of course, it made me want to go.

I have nothing against Burger King, I just never went when I was younger. I live in walking distance to a McDonalds and Subway so I could go there when I wanted. My Mother prefers Wendy's so when I was with her and wanted fast food, we always went there. I just never thought to go to Burger King after that. There was one time I was with a friend and she ordered Burger King and I ordered apple fries from the drive thru but I've never had it for myself.

After hearing that, Brian and Chrissy told me I had to go and order a Whopper and onion rings. I don't hate fast food and I'm always up for trying new things so I went for it, I did it, I had my first Burger King experience.

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