A 65-year-old Cobleskill man has been arraigned after being charged with four counts of aggravated animal cruelty.

Nicky Loh/Getty Images for WSPA

After an investigation by New York State Police, it was discovered that Donald Brown was allegedly baiting and trapping his neighbor’s cats because he thought that they were feral cats.

In a story from News 10 ABC, Brown’s neighbor and owner of the cats Pat Boomhower said that they put collars on their cats, so if the had wandered away, they could have been returned if someone found them.

Brown claimed that the traps were set legally on the roof of his camper because the cats, which he thought were feral, were damaging his property. When Brown was in court, he said that he was not guilty, and never intended to kill any domestic cats. Brown will be back in Cobleskill Town Court sometime in November.