National Volunteer Week was established in 1974 and has grown in scope and support each year since.  Are you a volunteer?  Do you know someone who is?  Or maybe you are looking to get involved?

National Volunteer Week is underway this year April 10-16.  During this week, we would like to say Thank You! for your efforts in volunteering to improve the education, environment, income, safety, health of your community.  By donating your time, you are helping to improve the quality of life for others.  This is one hand helping another.  This week provides a way to recognize and honor ordinary people like you who are accomplishing extraordinary things through their dedication to serving others and solving problems in their communities.

As a volunteer, you are leading by example.  This week we also encourage citizens of all ages to get involved and give back to their communities in some way.  Maybe its signing up to become a volunteer firefighter or working on a community garden project.  The point is get up and do it.

President Barack Obama has issued a Presidential Proclamation declaring this week National Volunteer Week and called upon all Americans to observe this week by volunteering in service projects across our country and pledging to make service a part of your daily life.

Look for ways to volunteer.  There are many nonprofit organizations that could really use the help.  Get involved in something you are interested in.  There is something for everybody.  If you have a passion, get involved.  If you have the time, get involved.  If you have the commitment, get involved.  The community at large will benefit and collectively we all win!