Nancy Kerrigan came to the Saratoga Race Course yesterday for Fabulous Fillies Day to talk about the upcoming Aurora Games in Albany.

It was Fabulous Fillies Day at the Saratoga Race Course promoting women, Breast Cancer Awareness, and celebrating Barbara Jo Rubin, who, according to NYRA "50 years ago became the first female jockey to win a race against men at a nationally recognized racetrack in the United States." Speaking of athletes, there were a few women in attendance at the track yesterday promoting the upcoming Aurora Games and one of them was two-time Olympic medalist Nancy Kerrigan.

I had a chance to talk to Nancy Kerrigan about The Aurora Games coming to the Times Union Center August 20-25th. For the inaugural games, to have them in Albany is such an honor as a place to be the platform for "women to take center stage.” The games will include incredible female athletes from basketball, tennis, figure skating, gymnastics, ice hockey and beach volleyball.

Kerrigan also went into detail about what we can expect out of the opening ceremony and other great things for the family to do at the event.

  • Tuesday, August 20 -- Opening Ceremonies and Tennis
  • Wednesday, August 21 -- Gymnastics
  • Thursday, August 22 -- Basketball
  • Friday, August 23 -- Ice Hockey
  • Saturday, August 24 -- Figure Skating
  • Sunday, August 25 -- Beach Volleyball and Closing Ceremonies

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