A while ago I did a blog about a very scary toy - a toy that almost caused me psychological damage when I was a kid. And now it's been brought up again in conversation.  I couldn't sleep last nite!

Last night at our bowling league at Sportsman's Bowl in Schenectay, fellow teammate Karen Ryan and i somehow  fell into a conversation about our childhood days.   That lead into a discussion of favorite toys.  This was my least favorite toy of all time.   It was called Odd Ogg.   It was created in the early 60s when I was a kid, and it was billed as a "half turtle and half frog" that would slither around your carpet and inhale ping-pong balls.

I told her how frightened I was of it and how it used to give me nightmares. Well then she proceeded to go on Google and find a photo of it from a website called spookshows.com

Leave it to the Internet. Not only can you still find an article on it with pictures, they actually sell a T-shirt!  And to make things even worse, I found a video on it that includes the equally creepy jingle for it.



Thanks for the talk, Karen, but   I STILL can't look at this thing without getting creeped out.

Is there a psychoanalyst in the house?  I'm having flashbacks!

PS  You can buy one on Ebayfor only $189.00.  I think I'll pass.

Screen Shot Odd Ogg
from Ebay.com


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