Here is the daily dilemma for Friday, March 16th, 2012:

"We've been married for 10-years now.  We've done very well professionally as well as personally adn things are cool.  Except, for my wife's younger brother.  Well, I say "younger."  He's 30-years old.  He lost his job.  However, that was 18 months and 4 days ago (but who's counting?).  He keeps saying that he wants to get his career back in his field (teaching).  However, all the districts are saying that he's way over qualified and the salary offers are insulting.  He continues to pay nothing toward food and very little towards rent.  My wife feels very sorry for him.  He has a masters degree and is a brilliant guy.  If I become the bad guy here, do I risk hurting his self-esteem by kicking him to the curb?  I also know that it will cause stress between us."