I'll say this right now: Jingle Jam has been my favorite concert so far with 107.7 GNA. I've hung out with Miranda Lambert, compared wardrobe choices with Carrie Underwood; I've played games backstage with Florida-Georgia Line and talked songwriting with Little Big Town. But, Jingle Jam felt like home.

Jingle Jam 2016 Credit: Marissa

I was genuinely excited for each performer on the bill: Brett Young, Runaway June and Ryan Follese.

Lucky Strike Social is a really cool entertainment venue at Crossgates Mall and within it is the Jupiter Hall which is where we had Jingle Jam. It was such a cool, intimate setting for this show. It just felt relaxed, which is great going into something like this.

Marissa with Ryan Follese Credit: Marissa

I got to hang out with Ryan first. A little story, him and I met for the first time I want to say in 2008. His former band, Hot Chelle Rae were on their first promo run and stopped by my old radio station. Over the course of 8 years, I've probably hung out and interviewed Ryan at least once a year. So, now that I'm at GNA I wasn't sure if he'd be able to place that we have in fact met before. When he emerged from backstage to come out to do our video he was meeting the rest of the crew and introducing himself. When he got to me though it was a, "but I know you!" A big hug followed.

It turns out this year has involved a lot of change for the both of us, so we enjoyed the familiarity in each other and catching up a bit. He also may have kicked my butt at one of the basketball games and a Batman game that neither of us actually knew how to play.

Runaway June credit: Marissa

The ladies of Runaway June are instant fun. I didn't hang with them at all until they got back from their video shoot with Sean and Bethany, in which I've learned they were kicked out of Macy's. On that outing though, they each found an ugly Christmas sweater to sport during their set. So, we of course had to compare! They did well in their picks. I was pretty jealous of Hannah's light up sweater.

Brett Young credit: Marissa

Speaking of Christmas sweaters, Brett Young had one of his peeps get his back at the hotel to fit in with the trend we started. When he threw it on backstage he was like, "What's funny about this sweater is I thought it had pizza on it but they're like birthday hats instead. Look at the little hats." I had to be honest, it still looked like pizza to me and then I noticed, "But, Brett it says Merry CRUST-mas...they have to be pizzas, right?" Turns out, they in fact were slices of pizza and he was pretty happy about that because as he said, "Who doesn't love pizza?!"

GNA Staff with Jingle Jam Credit: Marissa