I am a David Bowie fan, the news of his passing this morning was a bit of a shock, David died from Cancer at the age of 69.  It is funny because with all artists when they die you can't help but to start to think about and be happy about the legacy they left behind and this morning was no exception.  Of course when you first think of David Bowie you think of the make up and outrageous clothes he would wear, or maybe his alter ego, Ziggy Stardust.

For me however it was great songs like "Changes" and the one he did with Queen, "Under Pressure". Clearly there are so many more but they were the first thing I thought about today. There is however, another memory and song that David did that for me stands out above all the rest.

It was in 1977 , I was 10 years old and I was watching the Bing Crosby Christmas special. Don't laugh at me I guess I was an old soul I really did love Bing and and Danny Kaye back when I was a kid but I digress.  The really odd thing that happened is one of the guests he had on his Christmas special that year was none other than David Bowie. Now even at 10 I knew of Bowie but had only seen him in the crazy outfits singing weird rock punk songs, THIS David Bowie blew me away.

This is still one of my favorite Christmas songs and goes a long way in showing just how talented Bowie truly was. Rest In Peace Brother.

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