I know that headline doesn't mean much, but I didn't tell you just how old this snowblower is! 

I bought it in 1988 up in Gansevoort, NY.  It was a Bolens.  I don't even think it's manufactured any longer. The thing is a glorified rust bucket.

What cracks me up about it is that it has never failed to start in 26 years - many times on the second or third try. I don't take care of it. I change the oil every second year or so, if that. OK, I replace the spark plug when it runs rough, but that is literally IT.

And yes - third try and it purred like a kitten.  Wanna see?

Yep.  Success.  Guess they don't make them like they used to.  What item do you have around the house that's forever been trustworthy like this one?  Would love to know!

Can't wait for the next snowstorm so I can use this thing (Ok, now that's what they call a LIE!)



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