Really? REALLY? REALLY!!!!!!!    I'm not joshin' ya. If you hoard coupons, this probably IS "must see TV".  So I guess you must read the info below!

According to an article in USA Today there is a woman from Bethesda, Md who had a $2000 shopping bill.  But with coupons, she chopped it down to $103.72.  ($2000 worth of groceries?  What is she preparing for? Armegeddon?)

And some TV producer in his/her infinite wisdom thought that this would be a good subject for  -wait for it-a REALITY SHOW on TLC. Now I thought this was the most ridiculous waste of time ever, but then I saw a clip from Youtube:

And while I still can't believe I am saying that a show about coupons might just make it--it might just make it. As annoying as coupons are, it shows you that many stores plan on you NOT using the coupons they print.  But if you are organized and diligent, you can make a KILLING.

( Of course, we have our own form of couponing on WGNA-it's called "Seize The Deal".  Have you heard about it?  Have you tried it?  Every day we feature something at least 50% off of retail)   You should check it out!

And I don't know how good this site is, but by googling I found one called "Coupon Mom" that looks like it's been endorsed by Oprah.  Hope that helps.  Hope you save some cash!

How much have YOU saved using coupons?  How do YOU do it?  Would love to know so we can start saving too!

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