Donating blood is something that can help save many lives. There’s an organization called ‘Music Brings Life’, that is helping the American Red Cross with a very unique way to get people to donate the ‘gift of life’. Music Brings Life is having  a dance contest called The Foot Locker Superman 1-2-3 Dance Contest’. It might even get you in  a video.

'Special' and Lou Roberts
'Special' and Lou Roberts (Photo courtesy of Flounder/ Hot 99-1 and WGNA)

On Sunday morning [February 22] between 6:15 a.m. and 6:30 a.m., you can find out more about the contest, how you can join it, and why donating blood is so important. I’ll be talking with a man that goes by the name ‘Special’. He’s going to be our guest on Capital Region Sunday on 1-0-7-7 WGNA. 'Special' also created the song and the dance for you to use in the contest.

The American Red Cross also has a list of other blood drives in the Albany area.

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