The Muppets are back! As a long time fan of the Muppet Show and all of the Muppet Movies, I'm happy to see the Jim Henson creations still going strong in 2014.

This time it looks like there could be a little chaos and mayhem between the real Kermit the Frog and a 'mean' Kermit imposter known as Constantine. Muppets Most Wanted opens in theaters on Friday, March 21 with more laughs, fun music, and zany humor that does everybody good!

Will Miss Piggy like the 'new' Kermit better? Will Fozzie finally tell a good joke? Will Ralph play the wrong notes on the piano? Will Gonzo date a chicken? Will Animal ruin another stage production? Will Beeker make that strange noise? Will Statler and Waldorf finally like this movie? Will Sam The Eagle still be proud of the red, white and blue? I can't wait to see if any of these answers will be revealed and what whimsical journey we are about to discover.