New Muppet Brings Awareness To Foster Care
In a constant effort to shed light and awareness on certain issues in our communities, Sesame Street has done it again. They are introducing another new character to help to understand foster care.
Muppets In Prime Time?
You have seen them on the big screen for years, but it's been years since you have seen the Muppets on television. The original 'Muppet Show' ran for 120 episodes from 13 September 1976 – 15 March 1981 and of course there were a couple movies as wel…
Kermit Serves As Political Analyst On The Colbert Report
We don’t often get into politics here on theFW, mostly because those guys don’t need us to make fun of them; they do a great job of that on their own. That, however, will not stop Stephen Colbert from asking everybody on his show about the current political situation…